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In the last frame, Jemma thinks:
"Is he really that thick? Or is he just trying to be polite? Or ironic?"
Obviously, Jemma and Adrian's relationship wasn't based much on trust...
In the next page, they will get into the truck. Hooray! Progress! ^o^
^ notes ^

Turbulent times await... Tomorrow, I'll go back to school, and all the assignments.
Updates will probably be irregular, and probably only two times a week max....

This weekend has been a hectic movie mania -- I've seen both that tale about the king with the ring, and Kill Bill (two films in two days is much for me, ok?)
Ring was... Mighty. I haven't read the books, and the films haven't convinced me to do so. Quite the opposite, after seeing this, how can a book ever get better, or near to it? The hundred or so pages I've read were dead boring, and I don't think the storyteller style will change later on. I will definitely buy the collector DVDs though. Talking about that collector stuff, why can't they just produce some DVDs with the film only? I don't want a week of extra material and other shit I'll never watch.
Give me a nice package, the film (including language and subtitle choices, of course), and I'm happy. Just bought TRON a while ago, and there was 5 hours of extras!
Gimme a break.
Kill Bill was Tarantinish art, no less, if very brutal... It was like watching an underground comic, blood gushing like fountains everywhere. Cool stuff, none the less.
Fantastic music! I'll have to buy that soundtrack album...

-We're going crazy, and we're going today-
^ rant ^