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It is probably wise not to trust Jemma fully...
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So, this year has come to it's end and will never be seen again...
2003 has been a year of both good and bad happenings, and some events will go to history. The American war against Iraq and the capture of Saddam, Chinese spaceflight, and here in Sweden, the murdering of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anna Lindh. Other ups and downs in Sweden 2003:
The female football team won Silver in the World Championships - weebo to da girls! d^o^b
The bosses of large insurance company Skandia was framed on using enormous bonus systems for personal gains on the expense of the stock savers... you suck.
Elite sporter Carolina Klüft broke her personal records every day in the Track and Field championships (no, not the old Nintendo game!) - that's one fast girl.
Sweden's alcohol monopoly company, Systembolaget, found out 80 of their managers had been taking bribes from the deliverers -- chaos erupted.
Directly following the murder of Anna Lindh, a mentally ill man got out on a walk from his treatment home, bought a knife and attacked a 5-year-old girl. She, also, died from her injuries. He said he got inspired by the news reports about Lindh, and the voices in his head told him to kill the girl. He also admitted having burnt down a medieval wooden church a few years ago.
The people of Sweden voted NO on the change of currency to Euro.
Two people were killed, and several injured, when another mentally ill man drove his car right through a crowded tourist street in Stockholm. He stated someone had been remotely controlling his car.
Clubber community FOKUSED has been taking over Stockholm's friday nights with good clubs, world-famous DJ's and a sweet house mood - we needed this! ^o^
This year has also seen the birth of the Mondo Mecho web manga! Cheers for this! 2004 won't probably be the year when Messiah returns, Alien negotiators make an official visit on Earth and the discovery of nanomachines change all of human science, but if it is, damn that would be something to tell your grandchildren! ^o^

-You're a coward with no backbone, I will crush you with my heel Put the scrapings in my blender, add some bourbon - what a meal-
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