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Those Crystal Figurines are laser-carved 3-dimensional motives inside a crystal glass block.
More about the OCOM stores: Every indivdual store often has only one type of clothes, like Everyday, Party, Classy etc.
So if you like the OCOM brand and want a type of clothes not avaliable in your nearest store, you might have to travel a bit.
But it's always hip to have to make a little effort to get the right stuff, right?
^ notes ^

Wonderful. Well, now I only have to keep this up.
On a totally unrelated note, >check this out<.
I am at a loss for words, so you'd better draw your own conclusions. I thought it was pretty funny though.
On yet another note, my semi-secret "Tanks" project is more or less about to start after a few style upgrades.
I might put that comic up here as well, but then probably in chapter form. With one year between each, in the good old ragathol style you love so much ^_^.
Ah yes, the site has seen some upgrades as well! First, the part about Cyborgs in the "World" section has had a huge update, thanks to eager help from my dear co-writer.
I also added some new links in the Links section. The forum is also quite alive again, so stop by and have a chat with the weirdos in there :)

-NO U-

^ rant ^