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Yann Tiersen
Compture D'un Autre Été:
L'Apres Midi
French Folk Jazz
"Amelie" OST
Keith Jarrett
Köln Concert
Piano Concert
Köln Concert
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The "Minimem" is just what it sounds like, a small memory stick to save data, just like a little USB mem stick.
The data capacity is of course much larger in this time, but on the other hand, so are most file formats...
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Guess which panel took the most time? XD
We had a Neon Genesis Evangelion marathon here in school this weekend...
I didn't watch it all, but I've seen it before. The end is.. impressive, though. I really love the end. It feels so.. right. And all in all, it's a fantastic anime. I'll go skiing and be gone over the weekend and a few days before, but I think I can press in one more page before that. If not, at least you'll get a random art day... Did I hear cheers? ;)

-Nobody's perfect, but I'm pretty fucking close-
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