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Jemma likes to use her nanotech clothes once in a while, just for the rush of instant change. She has normal clothes as well, though.
Really, the only thing you need is a set of nanotech clothes to cover your needs (and your body), but it can be expensive quickly... The clothes themselves are quite expensive, and color and style changes cost money. It works via a download service, where you choose clothing style according to your set of clothes, a script is downloaded, and the nanobots restyle the clothes accordingly. The cost is decucted from your online bill.
They can change fibre setup, direction and density, color, softness and shape. Ordinary Smartcloth (most clothes have Smartsystems) has - other than what Jemma has already shown, like communication and warning systems - features like health control (with automatic hospital alert), ability to change cloth density after warm or cold weather (or rain) and programmable reflective/light patterns. Gehenna mostly uses normal clothes, as she don't like the feel (and price) of Nanocloth.
Or maybe it's all just based on old-fashioned "Transforming Girl" tech ;)
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It's started snowing again...
End of part one... New chapter monday.
Things will start to happen. Promise.

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