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I won't delve deeper into the politics of Earth here, but let's just say that in this time, the United States aren't what they once was...
The European Union, however, has grown strong (by avoiding contact with non-EU countries) and avoided civil wars. Of course, terrorism is still a big problem, and when the US has lost it's glory, Europe finds itself targeted more often...
The language, Europee, which is a combination of several of the largest European languages at this time, kind of like Esperanto, but more developed, is pronounced [ev-roh-pée].
^ notes ^

So, what do like the girls' new style? ^_^ It brings a little more depth to the colors, if nothing else...
You will have to patient with my art style... as this is an ongoing project, and I develop all the time, the art will probably change over time.. I'll try to do it smoothly, though ;) First step is to remove their all-too-long necks, which I've tried to do here...
A little smaller heads and a little more fuller bodies are steps on the way, too.
My very productive era is going to it's end... hopefully I'll be able to get out a few pages the week before school starts, too... then of course I'll keep doing it as long as I can (hopefully to see it finished some time in the far future) ^_^
-Spanish Killer Snails-
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