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Kenji Kawai
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This is the library in this city, where all printed and/or published material ever is collected.
Most of it is stored on holodisks with a capacity of several Terabytes each. If you can see the little round devices fitted on the shelves in panel four, they pick out the disk you choose on the terminals on the side of the shelf, or from the Infonet terminals. It's pretty much like an old-fashioned jukebox.
The library also has a large section of printed paper media, or if you want, you can print out the content on the disks on their high-speed printers. Research and reading inside the library is free (sponsored by large companies), but loans and prints costs money.
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In the last rant, I wrote that I had downloaded the xbox skin for Windows (I removed this in the update), but I didn't put a link of to where.. Theme XP has got it and many more skins, themes and backgrounds for windows XP.
Another cool site is The Skins Factory, who make high-quality designs for companies and among other things, skins for Windows Media Player. Those are really cool and are free to download on the site.
While I'm linking, I want to put up a new link for PockyBot, which is restarting after a shorter break. That's one sweet webcomic, folks! Be sure to check it out. You may have noticed I've started doing semi-transparent speech balloons.. I think that's quite nifty, and it doesn't spoil the background as much as with solid balloons.
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