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This type of road crossing actually already exist, in Paris for example. Without all the fences, though...
You can tell by the shadows that the sun is already very low - will they find a place before it closes?
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-Phew- so I could publish a real page after all... I'll be away for a few days now, but I'll try to make one for friday as well, ok? ^_^
Also sorry for the extreme lack of action the last week - this page don't even have dialogue.
This weekend, I went to a small anime convention here in Stockholm. They had rented a movie theatre, so they showed anime on three screens and had several merchandise tables, competitions and suchlike. I saw some sweet stuff, like Stellar Buster Mito, Miyuki, Angelic Layer, and the most interesting - "She - The Ultimate Weapon" (Saishûheikikanojo).
"She - TUW" was an amazing story in 13 episodes, and we saw all of them during the weekend.
It could look like a normal Transforming Girl/Relationship Drama, but it had none of the clichées normally found in that kind of storyline. Chise is a highschool girl in a small backwater town, and she has just gotten together with a guy in her class, but none of them is really good on the relationship part. Chise is slow, clumsy and always apologies for everything - and in times of need she transforms into The Ultimate Weapon, used by the military. This takes its heavy toll on a small girl, and she finds herself struggling to hold together not only her relationship, but also her whole life and humanity...
This is an extremely sad story, do not mistake it for any other transformation drama! The story really turns the tables on your emotions, and not only once...
A really good storyline, really nice looks, mood-setting music and completely freaking brilliant (japanese) voice actors renders this drama about childhood love, broken hopes, survival in a war-torn world and the fight to remain human in all the madness a definite top placement on my "brilliant stuff" list ^_^ See it, if you have the chance - "She - The Ultimate Weapon" should be the given choice if you are short on time and money and only have the chance to see one anime this year...
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