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Progressive Trance
Clubber's Guide To... Ibiza 2000
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Ergo; the fences are there to stop the traffic from going overboard... the traffic should be quite heavy, but I don't want the pictures to be too messy either... It's always a matter of balance, though the massive fence textures may have tipped the scales this time... >_<
Kan du se dig själv, Martin? ^_^
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I don't know if you've noticed, but I have actually stopped inking my pages now (yes, really).
I've once again moved over completely to pencil... every once in a while I think that it should be fun to use ink, I don't really know why, maybe because you're supposed to ink a comic... Well, anyways, it sucks, so I have once again taken to my very best purchases yet; the Pilot Color Eno with light blue leads and the fabulous Stabilo All 8008 pencil ^_^
Now I sketch the pages with light blue pencil and make the clean drawing directly over the sketch with the black lead. When I scan the page (in grayscale), the light blue do not show up at all, and I automatically have a clean drawing ^_^ This saves a tremendous amount of time in the inking department, and it looks better too, I can do freer lines.
It doesn't mean the total job on the page is less though.. I sat for at least four hours with the tones on this one >_>
But it's a bit special too... I hope you like the new results ^_^
^ rant ^