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Even more acquaintances! Someonw said to me that I lack a design philosophy for my mecha...
Gundams are based on samurai, Shirow's mechs are based on insects etc.. It may be so, but I'm still quite satisfied with the looks of my borgs.
(Maybe except for Bo, we'll see if he doesn't change a little in the future..)
One more page in color is the plan.
^ notes ^

So this update came (almost) in time... the saturday page is hanging loose now instead...
I'm quite happy with this page! It looks like I want it to, layout, details etc...
I want to make a comic that looks like this ^_^
Oh, and note that I've started to draw the speech balloons by hand... gives them a more vivid feeling, and makes it easier to plan the page.
(you thought this up after 70 pages?? And you're supposed to have a ph.d. in comic artistry?) -_-

-I had such a good quote here, but I forgot it-
^ rant ^