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Rob Hubbard
Monty On The Run
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Rob Hubbard
One Man And His Droid
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This ad uses sophisticated LED lights to simulate sunlight, hence the evening light in the last two panels.
It also uses projected sound to address individual people. Someone outside the personal sound area can't hear anything.
An ad this big should have enough projectors to reach all passers-by, though...
^ notes ^

New format again! Sorry for all the changes, but this is much better for me >_<
I've changed to B4 size papers, from A3... They are smaller, and a little broader, and are really much more convenient to work with.
This comic will never be published, the printers would kill me XD

Time to launch some new music! As you can see, today's songs are SID format tunes.
SID is the autentic old Commodore 64 music format, and we'll start with some rockin' tunes :)
First, download SIDplay HERE or HERE.
The readme file will explain everything.
Today's music is made by the legendary Rob Hubbard, one of the greatest SID artists. He has a very special sound, and he actually programmed his music, not using a tracker!

-The Flat Earth Society has been here today, singing happy little liiies-
^ rant ^